If you want the excitement of moving into a brand new home without waiting for it to be built from scratch or having to handle the plethora of design decisions that come along with it, choosing a Spec Home could very well be the perfect option for you. New Spec Homes are houses that have been designed and constructed by a builder, without a specific buyer in mind. The carefully chosen design, style, layout and features often appeal to new home buyers.

There are plenty of great reasons and advantages to buying a Spec Home, but these are our top 4 favorites:

No need to worry about aging foundations, leaking roofs, or what type of insulation was used like you do when purchasing an older home. Spec Homes are brand new and built with the latest technology and products, as-per the most up-to-date building codes, and come with a 1 year builder warranty and a 5 year new home warranty.

A Spec Home is usually offered for sale very close to, or at its completion, and considering the builder is likely to want a quick sale you can often move in very quickly. This makes a Spec Home a great choice for a buyer; whether it's your first home, or you want to be moved out of a rental home before the end of the month. In addition to a quick possession, you will have the added luxury of moving into a clean, brand-new house. With no pending renovation projects, you can look forward to relaxing and living in your new home.

Older homes often require renovations, and when you're choosing to build a new home it's easy to get caught up in upgrading EVERYTHING, even the toilet seats. These changes and additions all impact the actual price of your home. With a spec home, the price won't fluctuate at all – the GST is even included in the list price.

Do you have trouble visualizing what a house will look like based on nothing but samples and blueprints? Our Spec Home listings are finished with the recommended selections from a professional interior designer, so you won't need to use visualization skills to see if this is the perfect new home for you. Step in, take a tour to see the design and layout first hand, and then sign the mortgage to make it yours.

The James Home Marketing Team offers a multitude of Spec Home listings throughout all stages of completion. Take a moment to browse through some of our current Spec Home listings above and let us know if there's something that catches your eye!