Welcome to Core

Every once in a while we like to feature an exciting new business in our community.  On June 25th the newest member of the Spin community opened in Lake Bonavista.  

Who They Are

Tyler & Krista McRae are a husband and wife duo who are passionate about creating a supportive, fit and healthy community. For the last 10 years they have run a thriving fitness training business and are now excited to bring CORE Spin Club to the community of Lake Bonavista.

Tyler McRae is an experienced personal trainer and fitness expert with a degree in Human Kinetics. He has a passion for functional fitness and helping people live active lifestyles. He’s a former high school phys. ed teacher and athletic coach who focuses on the whole health of his clients.

Krista McRae combines her entrepreneurial expertise with her strong community commitment and involvement and her healthy lifestyle focus

What They Offer

CORE Spin Club offers a group fitness experience that will evolve your training and fitness. Our club is full of energy, great beats and a team atmosphere. Spin classes are outstanding leg and cardiovascular workouts and will challenge and tone you with an upper body track. Combine this with a killer playlist and you will feel (and sweat) like you’re at a dance party on a bike!

For those of you who think spin isn’t your thing, (how will you know if you don’t try?) we also offer TRX suspension classes. Suspension training is a functional exercise that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using your bodyweight. No matter where you are in your fitness adventure, TRX will give you a fast, fun and super effective workout. These classes are a great addition to your spinning routine or effective all on their own.

Pricing and Schedules

For pricing and schedules click on the link below.