Planning on a move in 2018? Start preparing now!
It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of buying this month or six months from now; preparing today will help to ease you into the process. Here are three simple things that will help you get started. 

Mortgage Application – Speak to your trusted Mortgage Broker or Bank:

A Mortgage Specialist will be able to look at your finances as a whole, offer advice on any potential issues and coach you through making a decision on the best Mortgage Rates and Products available to you.

Most importantly, you will want a Mortgage Pre-Approval. The benefit to this is knowing what you can afford before you start viewing homes, and being confident and ready to submit an offer the moment the perfect home presents itself.

A Broker will be a big asset to you in this first important step. If you need a contact to get started let us know! We work alongside some of the best in the business and would be happy to provide a recommendation.

Make a Wish List:

This is the fun part! Make that wish list!
Setting a criteria for what you’re looking for will put you on the right path and help streamline the process. Most buyers begin their search online, and it really can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process, who doesn’t love viewing beautiful homes?

You can utilize our easy to navigate search page that will allow you to search for your home based on community, price point and specific home details. Head over to the search page HERE and start making that wish list!

When you have an idea about what it is you’re looking for it’s time to get in touch with me, and let my team do the work for you! Your One House Agent will set you up on an exclusive search that will alert you the moment a home within your search criteria comes on the market – ensuring that you don’t miss out on a gem of a property because someone fell in love with it and placed an offer before you could search for it manually.

Getting Ready to Sell: 

If you currently own a home, the listing process can add a bit more on to your already full plate and you may be asking – Where do I start? Getting ready to list your home can seem complicated and overwhelming so I’m going to break it down into these 4 important baby steps:

  • If it’s broke, fix it.
  • If it’s dirty, clean it.
  • If it’s cluttered, organize and declutter.   
  • Most Importantly - Call me, and the One House Real Estate Group will handle the rest 😉 (view our SELL magazine HERE)