With more than 200 exhibits and attractions spread over 127 acres of lush parkland, Heritage Park Historical Village has a lot to offer both the history buff and the pleasure seeker.

It’s the perfect balance between historical fact, adventure, discovery and fun that makes their take on the tale of Western Canadian settlement so unique.

Heritage Park Historical Village first opened its gates on July 1, 1964. Since opening its doors, the Park has grown into one of Calgary’s premier tourist attractions and one of North America’s largest and most successful living history museums. Throughout the year, guests have the opportunity to interact with nearly 100 years of history.  Heritage Park’s exhibits span the early 1860s fur trade to the petroleum and automobile-dominated 1950s. It is the Park’s mission to preserve the history of the early West and to educate and entertain guests of all ages for many generations to come.

Conveniently located in the heart of southwest Calgary, Heritage Park is situated on a 127 acre peninsula of prime parkland surrounded on three sides by the Glenmore Reservoir. The majestic Rocky Mountains form a fitting backdrop that completes the Park’s beautiful surroundings. The Park now has over 180 exhibits and service structures; 50% relocated and restored originals, 25% replicas and 25% analogues.

Official Site: www.heritagepark.ca