Beltline is a region located in the central part of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The area is located to the south of Downtown and at times, is considered as part of downtown. This region is one of Calgary's most densely populated neighborhoods as well as the most
city-type, featuring many condominiums, offices, and apartments. It has always kept the reputation of being one of Calgary's dominant areas for its eclectic nightlife, urban culture, and restaurants.

Beltline is, without any doubts, at the heart of the action in Calgary, with the Stampede Park as its eastern lobe, 17th Avenue S.W. as its southern border and the flourishing 10th Avenue S.W. pub-and-club strip running along the northern side. 

Beltline has a land area of about 0.8 square miles, and as of 2015, around 21,939 people were dwelling in Beltline. 

Real Estate Statistics of Beltline 2017

Average Sq. Ft. 927
Average Price $436,240
Average Price per Sq. Ft. $471
Lowest Listing Price $173,500
Highest Listing Price $5,500,000

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